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      Available on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/MiLin-Humidifier-Sterilization-Sanitizing-Whisper-Quiet/dp/B08MC8V94D/

      1. What kind of voltage can be used?
      The 100V~110V should be used or the product will be demaged.

      2. How to get into the sleep mode?
      When the humidifier is turned on, press and hold the Mist Button for 3 seconds
      to enter sleep model, you will hear a sound, it means you get into the sleep mode successfully. In sleep mode, all indicators will turn off. Press and hold the Mist Button for 3 seconds to exit sleep mode,you will hear a sound, it means you exit the sleep mode successfully. In sleep mode, the unit turns off when water in the tank is deplet.

      3. What does the color of the light mean in sterilization mode?
      In standby mode, press the Sterilization Button, the humidifier enters the
      sterilization mode. By default, the humidifier performs sterilization of 1
      hour in high mist mode (red light), 30 minutes in medium mist mode
      (orange light), and 30 minutes in low mist mode (green light). After 2h, the
      sterilization is completed, and the machine automatically enters the
      medium mist mode. Note that in sterilization status, the humidifier will
      exit the sterilization mode by adjusting mist output capacity or shutting
      down. Press the Sterilization Button again and the timer restarts.

      4. If the mist function doesn't work, how to solve it?
      ① If the mist function doesn't work, please clean the aligning mark,the picture is attached for your reference.

      ② Please make sure the water doesn't exceed the Max Water Level Line

      ③ Make sure the water is enough in the water tank.

      ④ Make sure there is not too much water in the bottom tank.

      5. If the item can't be turned on, how to solve it?
      ① Make sure the adapter and the port at the bottom of the device both are connected correctly.
      ② When the adapter is connected, all the light on the product will flash at once and then turn off, if the adapter is connected, but the light will not flash, it means it's abnormal.

      6. Is it normal to hear the dripping sound?
      The reason you hear the dripping sound is that the atomizer sheet emits ultrasonic waves to decompose the water into water mist. The water mist will take the water droplets out of the water surface about 2-3cm away, and the water dripping sound will be produced when the water droplets fall back to the water surface.

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