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      Available on Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/MILIN-1700-Watt-Airfryers-Temperature-Certified/dp/B08GPPMK8W

      1. What kind of voltage can be used?
      The 110V~120V should be used or the product will be demaged.

      2. How to use the Default cooking mode?
      In the power-on state, press the menu button to select the cooking mode. The mode can be switched cyclically, and corresponding mode icon will flash to remind, and the cooking temperature and cooking time will be alternately displayed on the LED display.After selecting the mode, press start the button. The work icon flashes, and the cooking time starts to count down in minutes.

      3. How to use the custom cooking mode?
      If you want to customize the cooking mode,you can press the start button and then press the temperature+/- and the time+/-(the time and temperature can be set according to the food you cook).

      4. What does it mean if the timer icon is flashing?
      If you press the timer button and then press start button, the timer icon will flash.Please kindly noted at this time the food will be cooked when countdonw ends.

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