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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews

      I have had since February 2022. Its quite on low not so much on med and high. I do run it everyday all day long . I replaced the filter when the light came on but now the filter light will not turn out so I am not sure whats happening with that. Tried the extra filter which has never been used and the light will still not turn out. But that is my only issue with it. I dont use the timer nor sleep mode so I cant comment on those functions.

      I love it...

      I love it... It did what it says it's supposed too. I only run mine 2 hours a day. Sometimes I'll do it twice a day but that's usually only when I scrub down everything and I just want the chemical smell to go away

      Huge difference in allergy symptoms in just one night!

      I've always thought air purifiers were for germphobes but when I developed serious fall allergies, I was desperate for any relief. I ran this in my bedroom before bed and during the night the first night and woke up so well rested and totally free of any congestion. Prior to this I would wake up frequently and had a morning ritual of clearing my sinuses before even thinking about starting my day. I am so impressed and so happy to have found relief.
      Additionally, the unit is super solid, not too big or ugly. I love that the outer layer of the filter is washable for prolonged use. I'll update my review if anything changes, but for now it's a solid 5 stars! Highly recommend this product.

      James Gonzalez
      Great Buy

      I bought based on other reviews, but i'm always skeptical when things are at a solid price point, this is the real deal! Air is noticeably cleaner, also general dust and pet dander is gone. I usually have to sweep at least once a day. I have bad allergies and also live next to a major NYC highway so dust etc is common. A real game changer

      Miles Marie R. Angels
      Powerful little air purifier.

      Got this air purifier a few months ago to get rid of some pet dander. It works wonders. The sleep mode is a godsend. I can have it on at night without having to deal with the bright lights. Unfortunately if you have very sensitive hearing this could be a little loud. Overall a great product.

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